Opening in 1980, Beaver Creek is an elegant and secluded resort community, located just 12 miles west of Vail.  Buildings within Beaver Creek are designed to ensure visual harmony within the community, reflect an appropriate and consistent image within the alpine setting, and provide a richness of visual character. The Beaver Creek Design Review Board and staff’s purpose is to preserve the natural beauty of Beaver Creek, maintain Beaver Creek as a pleasant and desirable environment, and to protect property values.

The Design Review Board consists of five members; a Beaver Creek Resort Company representative, two architectural professionals and two Beaver Creek property owners who are recommended to the Resort Company by the Beaver Creek Property Owners Association.  The DRB staff and, ultimately, the DRB reviews every project for conformance with the Design Guidelines that have been adopted and are amended from time to time.
The DRB meets the third Wednesday of every month to review all applications.  The meetings are open to members of the Beaver Creek Resort Company of Colorado (a member being, generally, a property owner in Beaver Creek) as well as any person representing a member or acting as an agent of or contractor for a member.    

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Beaver Creek

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